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Alcohol Induced Liver Failure

Alcohol is the ultimate enemy of the liver, a vital organ without which life cannot be sustained. Alcohol abuse is one of the most damaging, yet preventable cause of liver disease. When the liver reaches a stage of advanced cirrhosis wherein the liver has structurally changed & shrunk, there is ascites, probable hematemesis, oedema, hepatic encephalopathy, heading towards failure, etc., liver transplant is recommended.

Anatta enables the individual to live a full life away from alcohol as, in every stage of liver damage whether functional, fatty liver, inflammation or cirrhosis, the necessity to stop drinking is essential.

Liver Transplant
Is Not The Final Cure

To have a successful recovery from alcohol related liver damage, it is critical to prevent consumption of alcohol in the first place. Even before liver transplant, you need to mandatorily stop alcohol consumption to bring down the health complications for a minimum of 3 months prior to the surgery, as strongly recommended, and continue to abstain from alcohol, to prevent transplant rejection. That might seem like one of the toughest journeys you have to embark upon.

How Anatta Can Help

Pre-Care Support

Anatta provides you the assistance so that you can get away from the habit of consuming alcohol daily, which helps your liver to recover; and in case you need a transplant, gets you ready for your surgery.

Post-Care Support

It is essential for post-surgery or for a damaged liver that you do not drink at all for the rest of your life. Anatta continues to support your effort of staying away from alcohol through its program of counselling, meditation and other therapies that provide you the tools to deal with emotional unmanageability. The association between fun and drinking is also broken into activities to indulge in like movies, meals, trips that are part of therapy, and other experiences without finding the need to drink.

Anatta Can Help

At Anatta, we have been instrumental in helping individuals with all stages of liver disease helping them for over 15 years with a team that has a collective experience of 100 plus years. We have a luxurious facility nestled in the lap of nature, a team of experts equipped to provide tailor made treatment programs for the client through an alternate life therapy that incorporates counselling, meditation, introspective writing and other alternate therapies that are holistic in nature. The program is voluntary, non-medical, non- regimented and completely confidential. We provide the most comfortable experience of staying away from alcohol . Whether, it is to prepare for your liver transplant or to strengthen one's necessity of continuing to stay away from alcohol post-surgery, Anatta provides you the support you deserve.

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